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P1080380The Wellbeing workshop uses The 5 Realms Wellbeing model© which can be applied to a variety of group and individual levels. That is, the Wellbeing model and workshops can be facilitated by Anna with large or small organisations, work teams, individuals, community groups, and client groups.

The workshop would be tailored to meet the needs of the participants and the context of their work/community environment. The workshops are facilitated in a collaborative way, embracing diversity and inclusive and respectful of individual values and beliefs.

For Community Service Organisations the Wellbeing workshop would be tailored to suit the organisation and generally cover the following:P1080386

Half Day Workshop – Introduction

  • Facilitated group conversation and discussion on the topic of “Wellbeing”.
  • An appreciation of current research and best practice
  • Exploration of each of the 5 Realms of the Wellbeing model
  • Discussion and brief development of a practical individual Wellbeing Action Plan that encompasses thinking about wellbeing activities that can be scheduled on a daily weekly and monthly basis.
  • Experience and learning of a couple of easy practical tools to increase wellbeing and build resilience.

1 Day Workshop –  all the above, plus the following:

  • An oversight of the organisational structures that provide the boundaries and support for staff developed Wellbeing plans.
  • Development of a practical and workable individual wellbeing action plan that can be linked to current supervision and professional development plan/appraisals.
  • Discussion and development of a team wellbeing activity and a plan for implementation.
  • Experience of Mindfulness/Meditation and learning practical ways to include mindfulness in personal and professional life.
  • Reflective practice with a wellbeing lens
  • Practical tools and techniques to recognise, avoid and or overcome burnout
  • The “Interactive wellbeing table” – experience and explore an extensive range of wellbeing tools

2 Day Workshop – all the above plus the following:

  • Development of a practical and workable team wellbeing action plan that can link to team planning activities, peer reviews, practice improvement processes and group supervision.
  • Tackling specific wellbeing challenges in working with clients and identifying strategies to include in individual and team wellbeing action plans.
  • Learning and experiencing Thought Field Therapy and meditation techniques for wellbeing balance.

The workshop will also encompass the learning and experience of building practical tools and techniques that support healthy work practices, building resilience and creating an environment of wellbeing. Some of these skills will be drawn from the following:

  • Mindfulness / Meditation practices
  • Energetic Kinesiology – brain and emotion balancing
  • Yoga breathing and balancing practices
  • Positive Psychology techniques
  • Holistic health and fitness including super foods and Aromatherapy.

The half day workshop can be completed in a 3 hour session for a group of 10 to 15 participants. Larger groups will require an additional 2-3 hours (depending on numbers) to allow for each participant to develop his/her personal wellbeing action plan.

Anna’s fee to deliver the Wellbeing workshop starts at $330 (3 hour session for up to 15 people). Please note larger groups and regional travel will incur higher fees. Please contact Anna for further information and quotes.

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Anna holds regular workshops open to anyone interested to learn and experience, simple, practical techniques for maintaining balance that can easily be included when at work and at home.

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I have participated in several of Anna's wellbeing workshops and facilitated meditations and enjoyed and benefited immensely from these sessions. Anna brings outstanding knowledge, skills and warmth to her work, and has a calm demeanour that imbues her work. I highly recommend anyone to take part in Anna's wellbeing workshops.


Program Officer, Community Program Design, Australian Red Cross

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