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Story of my experience that inspires my next step

In 2011 I started a 20 minute relaxation meditation session once a month in my workplace. I was amazed how many people turned up, the levels of stress people were experiencing and how much people needed and wanted this type of stress management. I remember one of the staff (we will call her Jill), who was quite an abrupt woman, was not particularly friendly to others in the workplace, and obviously under stress. Jill came to the session having never meditated before, and was completely open to the session.  She had a profound experience that she described as a deep peace and an opening of her heart. From that day on she had a complete change in attitude and behaviour at work, which was noticeable to other staff who remarked on the positive change and interaction. Jill continued to attend the meditation sessions and also took up yoga and meditation at home. Three years on and the meditation sessions are still regularly attended and valued by staff.

I gained some funding to create a CD to give access to staff from remote areas and also for use if I was not available to run the meditation session in person.

It is from this story I am inspired to create a range of Wellbeing workshops, Supervision packages, and training to support Human Services organisations and their workers to maintain the balance needed to carry out the important work they do.