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Wellbeing Bundles

Wellbeing Bundles are practical self-care kits designed to be used at home, at work, or when travelling to overcome the physical, emotional and mental out of balance, stressful states that impact our wellbeing. Using one of the Wellbeing bundles regularly, helps us to bounce back from the stresses of life, building resilience and wellbeing. Choose from 4 different Bundles, BALANCE for general wellbeing. RELAX for deep relaxation and assisting with sleep. CALM for work and home life balance and HEAL for recovery and healing.

The essential oils, aroma spray, gratitude card and unique meditation recording all played a part of my daily routine during my break. I feel the product really allowed me to create space to relax and rejuvenate. I’ve continued using all the products in the bundle since returning to work and have maintained a consistent sense of control and calmness. The simple meditation recording has been a perfect way to help me reconnect each day to what’s important in my life”

Rob Carrigan, Brisbane QLD

What’s in the Wellbeing Bundles

  • Wellbeing Bundle MP3 player: Contains unique guided meditations that utilise mindfulness and powerful visualisation techniques to bring balance, calm, relaxation and healing.
  • Wellbeing Bundle Aroma Spray: Carefully selected and blended, pure essential oils and flower essences to spray on and around your body, and your immediate environment. The energetic and aromatic qualities of this spray brings balance, calm, relaxation and healing to you and your environment.
  • Wellbeing Bundle Massage Blend: Pure essential oils that have been selected and blended in organic jojoba oil ready to rebalance the body, mind and emotions and are applied to specific points on the body, working in synergy with the guided meditations.
  • Wellbeing Bundle Essential Oil: Concentrated pure essential oil balancing blend for use in vaporisers, diffusers and baths.
  • Wellbeing Bundle Gemstone: The gemstone is included to support the meditations and positive visualisations, and to work as an anchor and reminder of your increasing balance and wellbeing.
  • Wellbeing Bundle Gratitude Card: Thoughts and feelings of gratitude and acts of kindness have enormous benefits for increasing our wellbeing. The card can be used to note what you feel grateful for and the positive things in your life. The other side of the card can be used as a gift card when gifting this bundle to someone special.

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For general wellbeing.

BALANCE Pure Essential oil blend: Lavender, Sweet Orange (organic) and Geranium with earth scent base; Sweet Fennel and Cypress (organic). Aroma Spray: Pure Essential oils of Lavender, Mandarin, Marjoram, Geranium, Thyme, Chamomile; flower and gem essences.

“I have a very stressful job. With the Balance Bundle I can calm and balance myself anytime”
Mary, NSW

$89.99 + $10 shipping


For restful sleep.

RELAX Pure Essential oil blend: includes Lavender; Lemon; Chamomile; Marjoram; Clary Sage; Mandarin; with a sedative scent base. Aroma Spray: includes Pure Essential oils of:  Lavender; Mandarin; Sandalwood; Bay Rum; Geranium; Clary Sage; and Flower essences.

“My mind began to slow down and I could feel my body relax”
Luc, QLD

$89.99 + $10 shipping


For work & home

CALM Pure Essential oil blend includes Lavender; Geranium Basil; Cypress (organic); Bergamot; Peppermint; and Myrrh. Aroma Spray: includes Pure Essential oils of: Lemon; Fragonia; Rosemary; Sage; Juniper; Sandalwood; Sweet Orange; Flower and gem essences

“I really enjoyed the bundle and continue to. It was a good friend on my recent trip to India.”
Jane, QLD

$89.99 + $10 shipping


For nurturing & healing

HEAL Pure Essential oil blend includes: Sweet Orange (organic); Lemongrass; Hyssop; Vetiver; Lavender with a healing spice base. Aroma Spray: includes Pure Essential oils of:  Lavender; *Cypress (organic); Chamomile; Lemon; Peppermint; Patchouli; Flower and gem essences.

“I received my ‘Heal’ Wellbeing bundle as a gift and it is fantastic!”

Arun, QLD

$89.99 + $10 shipping

All bundles are $89.99 each (plus $10 shipping within Australia)

You can pay via PayPal or credit/debit card. If ordering from outside of Australia, or ordering multiple bundles, please contact us to confirm shipping costs.

This is what people are saying..

"Anna has an incredibly soothing and healing voice. I would recommend the Wellbeing Bundles to anyone who is looking to nurture themselves or someone they love" Arun Shapleski
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