Become More Resilient

Let us help you connect with what works best for you to recover and bounce back.

Happy at Work

We can help you and your teams connect personal strengths to create and implement a practical Wellbeing Action plan.

Be in Balance - Body, Mind and Spirit.

We can help you learn a variety of simple techniques to maintain balance and Wellbeing.

Create Balance Between Work, Life and Community.

Let us help you find your own well-being strategies, at home, at work and in your community.

Be Empowered by Strengthening your Personal Wellbeing.

We can help you to build resilience in a way that works for you.

Inspiring individuals, groups and businesses

to increase wellbeing and build resilience



Wellbeing Consultancy Australia has been created to assist organisations, teams and individuals aiming to increase wellbeing in the areas of management and leadership, team work environments and individual personal and professional development. Wellbeing workshops and private consultations provide practical tools to effectively create and implement an individual wellbeing plan for increasing resilience, health and happiness.


Anna’s unique Wellbeing model and facilitated Wellbeing Workshops inspire and create wellbeing that is holistic, meaningful and practical. Anna specialises in Business Development Consultations, Professional Supervision & Professional Counselling Services. Read More

Anna Boyce

Anna Boyce brings 30 years of experience across the social services and health care service sectors. Anna’s skills, knowledge & passion brings wellbeing to the areas of positive organisational culture, leadership, team building and personal and professional development. Read More


Download free Relaxation Meditations. Find links to other useful Wellbeing Supports. Read the latest “Wellbeing Con-nect” Newsletter and other wellbeing publications. Read More


This Blog Space endeavours to share current ideas and news on wellbeing along with general networking and sharing of helpful tips. Take a look at some of the useful ideas that emerged from the Self Care in a Challenging Environment wellbeing workshop. Read More

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